Assessing Threat Vulnerability for Food Defence


Our practical guide to help you to deliver a robust and reliable threat and vulnerability assessment for your business


  • Explains how to go through each stage step-by-step; preparing, assessing and continuing your study
  • Defines the scope, explains types of threat, contamination and attack
  • Provides new methodology to determine motivation, impact and opportunity
  • Clear scoring system for risks and options for their management
  • Accurate and consistent management technique using our unique decision tree
  • Example documentation and case studies for both a process flow and raw material drive raw material assessment


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Product Description

Our pioneering book by Adele Adams and Kassy Marsh has been reviewed and recommended by Professor Chris Elliott, the leader of the UK Government’s independent review for food systems following the horsemeat scandal in 2013.


The topic of food defence in the food industry is becoming more important.  There is need for a robust yet systematic approach to help identify and then manage threats and vulnerabilities, especially as it being incorporated into industry standards, such as BRC food Safety v7, but also retailer guidelines.

There is a lot of debate about these assessments within the food industry and with this brings a certain amount of confusion.  A lot of this confusion is around the desire to separate the two topics into TACCP (Threat Assessment and Critical Control Points) and VACCP (Vulnerability Assessment and Critical Control Points), however these systems should be closely linked and managed under one assessment ‘Threat and Vulnerability Assessment’

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