HACCP Refresher courses - Level 3 or Level 4

Have your team already got the necessary qualifications for their role in HACCP but it’s more than 3 years old?  Our HACCP refresher course updates skills required to effectively design, maintain and manage a robust HACCP system and covers new developments and best practice.

Our HACCP Refresher courses can refresh confidence and provides clear evidence of maintaining competency. For those at level 4, the course can help to ensure your HACCP system is effective and based on a sound rationale and methodology.

HACCP Courses

Level 3 HACCP Refresher

Aimed at:  HACCP team members or key personnel

Duration: 1 day

Aim: To refresh and update HACCP knowledge

Maximum number of delegates: 12

Assessment method: Multiple-choice test

Examining Body: Adele Adams Associates Ltd


Level 4 HACCP Refresher

Aimed at: HACCP team leaders, technical managers, consultants, trainers and enforcers

Duration: 1 day

Aim: To provide refresh and update HACCP knowledge and competency

Maximum number of delegates: 12

Assessment method: A one-hour scenario based assessment

Examining Body: Adele Adams Associates Ltd