Food Defence: Assessing Raw Materials and On-Site Threats (VACCP & TACCP)


Why choose us?


  • We have developed and published our own new VACCP & TACCP methodology for the assessment of threats and vulnerabilities, which is recognised by leading retailers. Delegates receive a copy of our updated pioneering textbook ‘Assessing Threat Vulnerability for Food Defence’


  • Our course is packed full of interaction and exercises to challenge thinking and develop competency


  • Methodology in the book has been endorsed by Professor Chris Elliott

Course description

Our Food Defence training course has just been updated to coincide with the launch of our second edition ‘Assessing Threat Vulnerability for Food Defence’ book

Our one-day course will take you through new methodology which combines VACCP & TACCP into one easy, yet robust, risk assessment.

The course will explain how the new methodology can be applied to both raw materials and to a wider context of threats and vulnerabilities on-site and within the distribution chain.

Course content:

  • Background to food defence
  • The need for a threat & vulnerability assessment
  • Parallels with HACCP
  • Assessing threat impact & vulnerability
  • Identifying threat management techniques
  • Vulnerable Threat Points
  • Implementing & maintaining the system
  • Horizon scanning


One day

Aimed at:

Technical, procurement, NPD managers and others in the TACCP/VACCP team

Assessment method:

No formal assessment, certificate of attendance

Awarding body:

Adele Adams Associates Ltd


Course options

Available Open Dates:

Open courses cost £350 + VAT

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In-house courses at your site

The current course costs £1,595 + VAT + trainer expenses

It is for a maximum of 12 delegates.


Course feedback

I have a better understanding to develop the [VACCP & TACCP] assessments we already have in place and finding it isn’t a 1 person job
S.F. – Stephen’s Fresh Foods Ltd – March 2017
It was a very good course, level of course was excellent
R.T. – IVC Brunel Healthcare – September 2017

Our clients

Frequently asked questions

Q: What sections of the supply chain does your course cover?

A: Our new Food Defence course covers the whole end-to-end supply chain, from the source of raw materials right through to the end consumer. It’s split into two easy sections: the raw materials supply chain and the product/on-site threats.  We use lots of simple graphics to show how it all fits together.


Q: I’ve already attended the M&S Product Integrity course?  Does this mean I shouldn’t attend this course?

A:  The M&S Product Integrity course taught before January 2018 used the first edition of the book, everything taught in terms of Raw Materials Vulnerability Assessment is still valid; the methodology has been slightly tweaked.  The new Food Defence course has additional focus on on-site threats assessment which hasn’t been covered within the M&S Product Integrity course.  So there will be a level of repetition for the Raw Materials part of the course, but the On-Site Threats part is new to you. We can offer a further 10% off those who have already completed the M&S Product Integrity course.  Email us on for your discount code.