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We are leading providers of food safety & HACCP training for the food manufacturing industry, specialising in bespoke face-to-face courses

Our aim is to deliver competency through bespoke training and education which is cost effective and business focused.  Our courses are highly participative with novel techniques, using hands-on experience to enable us to deliver practical solutions with simplistic and focused approach.

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5 reasons why Adele Adams Associates should be your first choice


We’re great at what we do

With 94% of our customers saying our courses are either very good or excellent, they agree we meet their objectives in an interactive and engaging way.


Our specialist associates

We have nationally recognised trainers and consultants with many years of practical experience in differing sectors, including dairy, meat, bakery and many more!


Our specialist expertise

Adele Adams has co-authored two pioneering textbooks on Food Defence and Product Integrity, as well being chosen to be the provider for M&S Product Integrity courses, delivered across the M&S supply base.


Wherever you are, we can be

We have a central UK head office, based in Yorkshire, with associates based throughout the country.  We can be right where you need us to be.


Consistently great results

With a 93% first time pass rate, we have a proven track record for ensuring competency and great results

See what customers have to say…

Good general insight

Premier Foods Logo

Gave a good general insight into all the subject

D. Bray
Premier Foods
Course Attended:Allergen Management

Good chance to review

Tulip Logo

Very clear and good lessons and area of focus

I enjoyed the NCR’s raised on previous audits and detail behind the segregation risk assessment


Ian Ferguson
Tulip UK Ltd
Course Attended:M&S Product Integrity: Improving your assessment

Gave me the confidence to challenge

Greencore logo

I came out with lots of questions to take back to site.  Talking about experiences with other people on the course was particularly helpful.

I have more confidence to challenge the way we do it the way we do!

Alex Usher
Course Attended:M&S Product Integrity: Improving you assessment

Really enjoyable course

CSM Bakery Solutions logo

The course folder was excellent, with space for notes. Clear and concise. Good example papers
Really enjoyable course, which I have got a lot from

Ben Manley
CSM Bakery Solutions
Course Attended:Level 4 Food Safety

Very good course

Adelie Logo

I was made very comfortable, making it a lot easier to take information in. I found all aspects helpful.

Kim Rogers
Adelie Foods
Course Attended:Level 3 Food Safety

All enjoyable

Country Style Foods Logo

Helpful that we were given reference links to take back with us

Jody Long
Country Style Foods
Course Attended:Legal Labelling

Practical workings were helpful

Weston Ciders Logo

It was perfect for what I needed. The venue was amazing!

Rebecca Mussel
Westons Cider
Course Attended:Legal Labelling

Delivered to us fantastically

Premier Foods Logo

All of the information and knowledge gained will improve my standards of work. It was all great and delivered to us fantastically.
Tutor was brilliant, highly educated and knowledgeable in her field

Cameron Pye
Premier Foods
Course Attended:Level 3 HACCP

I have learned a lot

Arla Logo

I enjoyed all of the course, the revision for example was very good.
Very well presented

Arla Foods
Course Attended:Level 2 HACCP

Very informative and enjoyable

Arla Logo

All aspects were good and helpful. Very informative & enjoyable course

Paul Jones
Arla Foods
Course Attended:Food Defence

Made HACCP surprisingly fun

M&S Logo

Great level of interaction to keep it interesting. Good combinations of verbal questions, practical multiple choice and group exercises.
Good to have a mix of people from different industries and different experiences.
Very good course, made HACCP surprisingly fun.

Natalie Sowerby
Marks & Spencer
Course Attended:Level 3 HACCP Open

Very useful course

Muller Logo

The vulnerability assessment & decision tree and exercises were helpful.  Very useful course07

Sofia Mauromati
Muller Milk & Ingredients
Course Attended:M&S Product Integrity - Getting Started

So much more detail about allergens

CSM Bakery Solutions logo

I learned so much more detail and science about allergens.

I enjoyed learning about legal obligations, science behind them, quantities, testing etc

Excellent fun day, great knowledge and interesting

J. Collins
CSM Bakery Solutions
Course Attended:Allergen Management

Will help prepare sites for audit

M&S Logo

The course will help prepare sites for audit and improve overall knowledge regarding integrity.  The group exercises and worked examples were helpful and also good to focus on the dairy industry [course held at Muller]

Really enjoyed the course, thank you!

Amy Chandler
Marks & Spencer
Course Attended:M&S Product Integrity - Getting Started

More interesting than imagined

Dovecote Park Logo

I found the course much more interesting than I imagined! Very knowledgeable tutor with admirable course delivery, everyone remained interested throughout

Joe Sennitt
Dovecote Park
Course Attended:Level 3 Food Safety

Amazing course

James Food Company Logo

Amazing course.  Very informative, plenty of practical examples.  Good mix of theory, practical exercises and case studies

Artem Trufanov
Jones Food Compnay
Course Attended:Food Defence

Really good tutor

Dovecote Park Logo

I generally enjoyed all of it.  Really good tutor, covered everything

Jamie McDonald
Dovecote Park
Course Attended:Level 3 HACCP Refresher

Very good and relevant course

Premier Foods Logo

The case studies were the most helpful.  Excellent day – thank you

C. Fryer
Premier Foods
Course Attended:Level 4 HACCP Refresher

Very informative and interesting

Karro Food Group Logo

Wasn’t sure what to expect but the course very interesting and informative.

Gave a great insight on what M&S expect in the form of business integrity

Enjoyed all and found very useful.

Gave me inspiration to improve and where improvements can be made

Very good course, well presented & informative

Andrew S
Karro Foods Ltd
Course Attended:M&S Product Integrity: Non-Tech

Will help improve existing systems

Westmill logo

Both days improved my knowledge and understanding of M&S COP and wider integrity subject

The extra knowledge will help improve existing systems.  Great course and participation from the group.

Michael Waine
Course Attended:M&S Product Integrity: Getting Started.

Really good course

Coop Logo

Getting an insight into the rigorous required to provide free-from products. Really good course – has definitely increased my knowledge of the subject

A. Rockingham
The Co-operative
Course Attended:Bespoke Free-From Workshop

Exceeded expectations

Coop Logo

The interactive activities were very interesting & kept everyone engaged.

E. Dixon
The Co-operative
Course Attended:Bespoke Free From Workshop

Very interactive

Coop Logo

The course met my expectations – very informative. I particularly enjoyed the activities, but could have had more time on them. It was very interactive, informative, engaging with knowledgeable speakers.

Katie Greenwood
The Co-operative
Course Attended:Bespoke Free-From Workshop

Easy to understand

Samworth Brothers Logo

The way the tutor was explaining everything, it was very clear and easy to understand.

A very kind tutor, I enjoyed my course.

Bradgate Bakery
Course Attended:Level 3 HACCP

Tutor was brilliant

Samworth Brothers Logo

Our tutor was brilliant throughout the course, the way she explaining things, and we understood every single topic

M. Rangrej
Brooksby Foods
Course Attended:Level 2 HACCP

Adele made it simple!

Jordans Ryvita Logo

I now feel more confident approaching new role which is my main objective.

Discussing through exemplar answers as a group I found useful.  I also thought doing a HACCP for a product that was not in my sector helpful and made me appreciate the principles are the same.

Really enjoyed it.  Adele made it simple, and the variation in activity was enjoyable.

Emily Osborne
Dorset Cereals
Course Attended:Level 4 HACCP

Recommend to anyone

TM Duche & Son Logo

I am happy that my main objective of the course, which was to be able to audit supplier’s HACCPs, has been met.

Group work and scenarios were very helpful,

I would recommend this to anyone who is looking at a Level 4 HACCP course.  The cost of the course is competitive, and the delivery of the course has been excellent.

Dave Bond
TM Duche and Sons Ltd
Course Attended:Level 4 HACCP

Explained the changes very well

Brown Brothers Logo

The training explained the changed very well and answered questions.  The examples and answers to all questions were very helpful.

Course very well prepared and informative.

B. Pieprzyic
Brown Brothers
Course Attended:BRC Issue 8

Highlighting all the changes

CSM Bakery Solutions logo

Excellent course

Course Attended:BRC Issue 8

Course was very interesting

Samworth Brothers Logo

The course was very interesting.  The first day when we learned about bacteria was the most interesting.

The tutor has a done a great job, she is the best!

Renata Grazevicius
Brooksby Foods (Samworth Brothers)
Course Attended:Level 3 Food Safety

Book will be very useful

Bewleys Logo

The chance to have questions answered was helpful.  Listening to others experiences is also useful.

Alex Morris
Bewleys Coffee
Course Attended:BRC Issue 8

Great insight into best practices

Innocent Logo

The course was excellent, insightful and well delivered.  A great insight into best practices of the world of Food Defence / Threat Assessment.

Learnt a lot and gave some thought to existing gaps in processes

Ben Simms
Innocent Drinks
Course Attended:Food Defence

Excellent blend of tuition, notes & discussion

CSM Bakery Solutions logo

I particularly enjoyed the interactive sessions.

R. Wright
Course Attended:M&S Product Integrity - Getting Started

Course was excellent

Samworth Brothers Logo

The course was excellent and exceeded expectations

I enjoyed the group activities and test questions to put learned knowledge into practice.  Brilliant course, very interesting and in-depth.  Excellent delivery

Charlotte Hubbard
Bradgate Bakery
Course Attended:Level 3 HACCP

Fun, enjoyable, informative

CSM Bakery Solutions logo

I found the pace of the course was very good. Kept my interest throughout.

Thank you Adele

Julie Kolb
CSM Bakery Solutions
Course Attended:Level 3 HACCP Refresher

New lessons learned

Many areas have been forgotten so refresher badly needed, there were new lessons learned!

The course was comprehensive, and met all my expectations

M. Soriano
Course Attended:HACCP Awareness

Taken a lot of our this course

Dovecote Park Logo

This will help me be more audit ready. It has given me more of ahead up as to what auditors are looking for

D. Sands
Dovecote Park
Course Attended:BRC Expectations

Very informative

Dovecote Park Logo

Better than expected! I enjoyed discussing with other departments, I developed a better understanding.
Overall gave me a better outlook on BRC expectations and will help me to improve my department

B. Smith
Dovecote Park
Course Attended:BRC Expectations

Enjoyed every minute

Aryzta Logo

The practical audit in the bakery was my favourite part.  Great course, enjoyed every minute of the course!

A. Orlik
Course Attended:Level 3 Effective Auditing

Excellent tutor

Tulip Logo

It gave me a clear understanding of what is expected.  The practical was most useful, as well as the discussion, open honest and truthful real experiences.

Loved the ice breaker, excellent tutor.  Really enjoyed the course, feel confident in starting internal audits

P. Oldham
Tulip UK Ltd
Course Attended:Internal Auditing

Opened my eyes to world of auditing

Jordans Ryvita Logo

I enjoyed the audit process and how to prepare

Very good course

Carl K.
Jordans Ryvita Company
Course Attended:Internal Auditing

Really helpful

Izico Food Group logo

Great course, showed me this I needed to know and didn’t understand before the course

S. Maddin
Izico Food Group
Course Attended:Level 3 Effective Auditing

Clear understanding

Flamingo Horticulture Logo

I found the flow diagrams, claims and statements of product the most helpful

Really informative and relevant

I have a clear understanding of M&S Product Integrity

Flamingo Flowers
Course Attended:M&S Product Integrity: For Non-Technical Teams

Good use of actual examples

Coop Logo

Plenty of collaborative work. Enjoyed highlighting common pitfalls e.g. terminology


Floyd Johnson
Co-operative Food Group
Course Attended:Root Cause Analysis

Tips sheet very useful

Tulip Logo

I found the working examples related to Tulip, existing format comparisons to our suppliers and the tips sheet & refs given at the end very useful

Very helpful and interesting course

Gemma Summer
Tulip UK Ltd
Course Attended:Root Cause Analysis

May contain and claims

I particularly enjoyed the ‘may contain and claims’

I liked the exercise on what to work for when signing off artwork.

Gill was very informative, helped with all questions that I asked

Lucy Baker
Course Attended:Legal Labelling

Lots of interactive activities

I found the interactive parts the most helpful.  Very good course.

Victoria Ford
Food Pack
Course Attended:Legal Labelling

Good course

Covered many issues that I felt needed raising. I enjoyed the QUID and use by dates part.
Good course.

Kevin Grech
G's Fresh
Course Attended:Legal Labelling

Legislation about labelling

Really good course. Excellent knowledge from the tutor about the topics of the course.

Sonia Silva
G's Fresh Beetroot
Course Attended:Legal Labelling

Very well presented

New world foods logo

I enjoyed all of the course.  Great course, very well presented.

Carl Fitch
New World Foods
Course Attended:Legal Labelling

Brilliant course with great feedback

Samworth Brothers Logo

Brilliant course with great feed back from the trainees.

Kettleby Foods
Course Attended:Level 2 HACCP


Premier Foods Logo

Would recommend course & tutor.

The course was extemely well organised with good level of techniques used.

Colin Potts
Premier Foods
Course Attended:Level 4 HACCP

Working with us

We're always on the look out for new associate trainers. Our courses are very participative, interactive and engaging and you will be expected to deliver our courses to a high standard, if you think you have the rights skills, let us know!

Current Positions Available:

Associate Trainers: Southern UK based

We’re looking for associate trainers to work with our growing company.

We are looking for trainers based in the south of England to deliver food safety courses in the food manufacturing sector. Working on an associate basis, the training will be wide spread across the south of the UK and will involve travelling. As an associate trainer, you will be self-employed and will be paid a fixed course rate, plus expenses.

You will be an experienced trainer with a proven track record in food safety, HACCP and other related topics.

Development opportunities and the chance to further expand the role in the future will be on offer to the right candidate. This is a great chance to become a valued member of a growing team.

If you are interested, we’d love to hear from you. Please send us an email with your CV attached to: jessica@adeleadamsassociates.co.uk