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New Internal Auditing Courses

Internal Auditing: Your course, your way!


We’ve just launched our all-new Internal Auditing courses, split by level to make sure you get the most out of your course!

Follow this handy blog to find out the different options we offer to ensure delegates have the best experience!

1. Who are you training?

New to Auditing?

Have you got a group of new auditors only wanting to do basic onsite audits? Our Level 2 Internal Auditing course is perfect for them!  This course is most suitable for those starting out on their auditing journey or those who will be doing more compliance or GMP style audits. Our Level 2 Internal Auditing course is a 1 day course, only held as an in-house course, for up to 12 delegates.

Some experience in Auditing…

If your delegates have some experience in auditing but would benefit from more in-depth knowledge or would like a recognised qualification in Auditing, then our Level 3 Internal Auditing course is perfect for them.  This level of course would suit delegates who are doing full systems style audits. This 2-day course is available as an open course for individuals, or as an in-house course for up to 12 delegates.

2. Choose the delivery method

We have two options for delivering the training:

Face to Face:

We can come to your site and train in a traditional face-to-face format. You will need a training room big enough for all your delegates.  We will provide hard copy workbooks and textbooks for each delegate. The trainer will accompany delegates on the practical exercise and also do the invigilation for any assessments.

Live Online

If you have delegates who are working from home, on multiple sites, or have restrictions for external visitors, then Live Online is a great way to train your delegates.  We can do this for individuals, groups on-site or a mixture of both.  It’s essential that the trainer can see and hear everyone, and that the delegates can all see and hear the trainer clearly too. Delegates are still able to take their exams and assessments online as well.  Delegates will be required to download and print their own workbooks prior to the course, and we will post the hard copy textbook prior to the course starting.  Find out more about Live Online Training here.

3. Choose your auditing practical

We have a couple of options for the practical exercise based on what your site can do:

Factory-Based Practical

The factory practical exercise is the best option as it’s a great way to get the delegates to put into practice what they have just learnt on the course.  The factory-based practical uses 3 pre-selected (by you) parts of your Quality Management System. We ask you to select these prior to the course and have hard copies ready in the training room at the beginning of the course, also ideally emailing them to us prior to the course so we can share them with the trainer.  It’s also advantageous for us to use your own auditing documents, so delegates get a feel for the forms they’ll be using in the future.

For the Level 2 course, we suggest simple procedures, whereas for the Level 3 course, they can be slightly more challenging.  Also, the Level 2 course is a short practical, around 40 minutes, whereas the Level 3 Internal Auditing course take all morning of Day 2.

You can do this practical if you are having Face-to-Face or Live Online delivery, however, for the Live Online option you must make sure that there is someone available to show the delegates around (ideally an experienced auditor) as the trainer can’t accompany them.  We wouldn’t be able to do this type of practical for delegates who are attending Live Online away from site, if this is the case, then we’d automatically select the ‘classroom-based practical’.

Classroom-Based Practical

The classroom-based practical uses some pre-written scenarios for delegates to experience being the auditor and the auditee.  We use up to 3 different scenarios within the allotted time, depending on time taken.  Each delegate will get chance to be both auditor and auditee.

The classroom-based practical is ideal if you have a Live Online course with remote delegates, no access to a factory, or restrictions on visitors.  We can also use this option for the Face-to-Face version, if preferred.

4. Choose your assessment method

You can choose to do your assessment online or on paper for both courses, however some courses would automatically be a paper exam, have a look below.

Paper-based Assessment

The Level 2 Internal Auditing course has a competency test at the end of the course and can be a paper-based assessment.  We’d usually suggest this on a face-to-face course or live online for those who don’t have access to an individual computer or smart phone to complete the assessment online.

The Level 3 Internal Auditing course has a regulated exam ‘Principles of Effective Auditing and Inspection Skills’ from HABC. It is a paper-based exam for a Face-to-Face course which allows all delegates in the training room to be invigilated as a group.  For Live Online, if your delegates are in a group onsite and if you can provide an appropriate invigilator, we can send paper exams directly to the nominated onsite invigilator.  Just don’t forget to hand out the pencils, erasers and get delegates to remember their photo ID!

Online Assessments

For those taking their Level 2 courses via Live Online individually or if they have access to smart phones or laptops on Face-to-Face courses, the Level 2 competency assessment can be done through our LMS platform ‘Achieve’. This will give them an immediate mark and certificate on successful completion.

For the Level 3 course via Live Online, where a delegate is taking it individually (e.g., working from home or individuals onsite) then we can provide the exam through HABC’s Remote Invigilation service via ProctorExam.  This does need some specific hardware and software to ensure they can do the exam.  You will need a laptop or desktop with a web camera (not a tablet), Google Chrome as a web browser with plugins enabled to access your web camera, a smart phone with app access and front camera, a room to yourself without distractions, a good WIFI connection and finally, photo ID.  All open courses automatically use this form of assessment.

5. Get in touch with us for some dates

Now you have all the information, please contact us for dates with your pre-selected delivery method, practical exercise and assessment method preferences.  If you would like to book onto a Level 3 Internal Auditing open course, please look here. We appreciate there’s quite a bit to get your head around, so please contact us if you have any queries.

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