Bespoke Training Solutions

At Adele Adams Associates, we know your business is unique, and that brings different challenges and potential solutions.

Our bespoke training solutions are just that, tailor-made for your company.  We work with you not for you, to ensure that your team develop the required competencies to drive your standards forward.

We use your HACCP, Allergen or QMS systems during our courses to ensure the right parts of the syllabus is emphasised, especially during break-out sessions, or activities.  We do this as standard and there is no extra charge for this.  All we ask is that these are made available to us during the course or beforehand so we have time to look at them before the course starts.

We are here to help!

Further bespoke training options

Amend an existing course to suit your company's processes

As every company has different processes, a standard syllabus for Food Safety or HACCP may not be relevant.

We offer a solution.

We can re-write the course based on the standard syllabus which omits parts of processes that your staff do not need for their day-to-day job, and emphasise the parts they do.

This will:

  • Make it more relevant to the delegates
  • Improve engagement on the training day
  • Improve the pass rate

What will we do?

  • Depending on the sector you work in, we may need to do a site visit
  • We will amend the course to suit your site, working on a day-rate basis (usually about 1 day’s work)
  • Write a specific exam to test competency
  • Write a training course with fun, interactive training methods that you own
  • Give you a hard copy of the training for audits

Suitable for:

  • HACCP (Awareness, Level 2, refreshers)
  • Food Safety (Awareness, Level 2, refreshers)
  • Allergen Control
  • GMP
  • Root Cause Analysis (Retailer or Manufacturer)

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Create a new course specific to your company

We have experience in a wide number of sectors (dairy, bakery, meat etc) with numerous companies within the food manufacturing industry and have over 20 years experience.  Use our knowledge and expertise to produce a training course to meet your current business need or focus.

Recent projects:

Our projects include a wide variety of scope and size, here are just a few examples:

  • Quality improvement training project for a major branded food manufacturer.  Workshops were delivered over 6 sites, the programme focused on increasing awareness of the potential impact of people’s actions or lack of action on quality.  This scenario-based workshop was highly interactive and included lots of breakout sessions to encourage open thinking and shared learnings.  Two workshops were set out – product quality and complaints, and Incident management. (Find out more)
  • Designed and delivered an extensive, bespoke HACCP and allergen awareness programme for a major noodle and dry goods manufacturer to develop awareness of the impact that operatives can have on product safety and allergens.

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