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Why is HACCP Refresher training important?

HACCP Refresher Level 3 and 4

Why refresh your HACCP training? Refresher training is not just about getting a new certificate, although this is useful to show auditors. It is also about maintaining competency and confidence in how to effectively design, manage, and maintain your HACCP system. Although HACCP has been around for several decades now, standards and best practices do …

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6 common mistakes in HACCP

Common mistakes in HACCP

What are the common HACCP mistakes? Have you ever done our Level 3 HACCP quiz? It’s a simple 10 multiple-choice question test which has been completed a staggering 24,000 times since its launch in January 2019! We’ve recently updated the quiz and done some analysis of the previous answers to identify the common HACCP errors. …

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Codex 2023 CCP Decision Tree

Reissued Codex 2023 You may recall that in the 2020 update of the Codex HACCP Guideline, the CCP decision tree was removed for updating, it has now been amended and reissued. Firstly, don’t panic! Especially if you’re just about to do a HACCP course and exam – it will take a while before the awarding …

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