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Food Safety & Quality Culture are relatively new topics and becoming more prominent with the launch of BRC Food Safety Standard Issue 8, we can help you with implementing a site wide food safety culture improvement programme – click here

Food Safety Culture – 5 step process for meeting BRCGS requirements

Food safety culture: How are you getting on with meeting BRCGS requirements? We are all well aware of the multiple issues, many involving the meat industry, that resulted in food safety and quality culture being forced up the agenda. It’s a positive step forward that food safety and quality culture is now a requirement in …

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A round up of 2018 – Adele’s Thoughts

Round up of 2018

Well that went fast, another year gone! Here’s a round-up of my thoughts on the events of 2018. Brexit – stockpiling risks At the time of writing, the Brexit carnage/turmoil/chaos (choose your preferred descriptor!) continues, with the Parliamentary vote on Theresa May’s deal being postponed. Emergency plans for a no-deal Brexit appear to be progressing …

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