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Our HACCP courses start at basic awareness for all operatives, through to the annual Level 2 HACCP course. We then offer Level 3 HACCP for being part of the HACCP team, and then finally managing the HACCP plan with Level 4 HACCP. We can help you with all levels, giving your teams not only the competency of what HACCP is but also how to use their knowledge outside of the classroom by using your on-site HACCP plans as examples.

Five questions to ask yourself when considering a Level 4 HACCP course

Why invest 5 days in a Level 4 HACCP course? As the number of newer risk assessments you’re required to consider keeps increasing (such as integrity, raw material vulnerability, food defence, acrylamide… the list goes on), it’s easy for well established risk assessments, such as HACCP, to get neglected.  When actually, food safety should always remain …

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Our Level 4 HACCP course produced an award-winning delegate!

We are delighted that one of our delegates, Cath Marsland from CSM Bradford, has been awarded the joint highest mark in 2018 in the HABC Level 4 HACCP for Management examination. Cath attended our open course in Leeds in April 2018. At the Highfield Conference on the 13th June 2019 ‘Improving Food Safety in a …

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