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COVID-19 Controls for Face-to-Face Training & Course Materials

Aim: This policy explains the controls put in place at AAA to reduce the risk of COVID-19 to both your delegates and our trainers.

1. Pre-course:

  • We will request a copy of your onsite COVID-19 controls and details of the training room set up so we can ensure our trainers are protected and prepared.
  • Our trainers will regularly self-test using the government provided lateral flow test kits, with any positive results being immediately reported. In the event of a positive test, AAA will offer an alternative face-to-face trainer (if possible), offer a live online version of the course (where possible), or cancel the course.

2. Course materials:

  • Course materials will be prepared at least 72 hours prior to the course date and labelled with the date of preparation
  • Our course preparation area is regularly cleaned and sanitised, with regular hand washing by the individual preparing the materials
  • Course materials will be provided in individual sealed paper envelopes for each delegate. This pack will include the delegate’s workbook, handouts, pens etc so as to avoid the need for the trainer to need to approach the delegates during the course
  • Pens/pencils will be sanitised with an anti-viral wipe before being placed in the delegate pack
  • Once the course materials have been prepared, they will be placed and sealed in the box ready for delivery

3. Onsite trainer controls:
Arriving on site, our trainers will:

  • Arrive no later than 30mins before the start of the course – additional time may be required for COVID-19 controls
  • Follow the instructions of their host and the sites COVID-19 controls

Before the start of the session, our trainers will:

  • Wash/sanitise their hands before handling the training materials
  • Place delegate packs on the desks before delegates enter the room
  • Sanitise reusable names cards, stands and ABCD cards using anti-viral wipes before placing on delegates desks
  • Avoid the need to approach delegates during the session, if this is unavoidable then the trainer will wear a face mask
  • Ask delegates to sign the register, using their own pen, and leave the register in one place to avoid passing it round

During the session, our trainer will:

  • Maintain 2m distance from delegates
  • Remind and encourage delegates to follow the sites COVID controls
  • Not pass any training props around the group
  • Follow the site rules for moving in and out of rooms at breaktimes and for the use of toilets and catering facilities
  • If a test/exam is required delegates will be sent for a short break before the test so that the test/exam papers can be laid out without coming into close contact with delegates. If this is not possible the trainer will wear a face mask
  • Individual exam registers will be provided

At the end of the session, our trainer will:

  • Collect in reusable name cards, stands and ABCD cards and thoroughly sanitise them using anti-viral wipes
  • Leave any documents (excluding exam material) that have been handled by delegates in the room for disposal on site

V3 – Updated December 2021