Protect the food you produce with our food defence course to help you complete your vulnerability and threat assessments

Course description:

Our one-day Food Defence course will take you through new methodology which combines TACCP & VACCP into one easy, yet robust, threat and vulnerability assessment.

The course will explain how the methodology can be applied to both raw materials and to a wider context of threats and vulnerabilities on-site and within the distribution chain.  With checklists, worked examples and templates, this course gives you all the tools you need to help you to build your food defence plan on-site

Course content:

  • Background to food defence
  • The need for a threat & vulnerability assessment
  • Parallels with HACCP
  • Assessing threat impact & vulnerability
  • Identifying threat management techniques
  • Vulnerable Threat Points
  • Implementing & maintaining the system
  • Horizon scanning


One day

"Amazing course. Very informative, plenty of practical examples. Good mix of theory, practical exercises and case studies"

Open course - Leeds – July 2018

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