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Five questions to ask yourself when considering a Level 4 HACCP course

Why invest 5 days in a Level 4 HACCP course?

As the number of newer risk assessments you’re required to consider keeps increasing (such as integrity, raw material vulnerability, food defence, acrylamide… the list goes on), it’s easy for well established risk assessments, such as HACCP, to get neglected.  When actually, food safety should always remain the primary non-negotiable of them all! This isn’t helped by the typical Technical Managers responsibilities continuing to broaden, whilst resources for the role often remain static or even reduce!

If you have been thinking about whether to do Level 4 HACCP course but are unsure whether it’ll help you and your role, then have a look below at my five questions to ask yourself when considering a Level 4 HACCP course.

If some of the answers to the following questions are ‘no’ or ‘kind of’ then a HACCP Level 4 course would help to refresh your knowledge and revive your HACCP system.

1.  Are you totally confident in, and proud of, your HACCP system when explaining it to auditors?

If you’re not, have a think about why you’re not confident. What help or support do you think you need to make you proud of your HACCP plans?

2.  Is your current HACCP system based on best practice methodology?

Have you future proofed the HACCP system with recorded rationales for your decisions?

3.  Is your assessment of significance sound and consistent?

For example, have you considered the likelihood of the hazard occurring and the likelihood of it actually reaching the consumer? Are you using your on-site data to help drive these risk based decisions?

4. Do you have a robust decision making process to identify which hazards are managed by prerequisites and which are managed by CCPs?

Are you using operational prerequisite programmes, or would you like to understand more about them?

5. Are you confident in the evidence you have to prove your HACCP plan has been robustly validated and actively verified?

Have you got absolute clarity in your head about the difference? Try our Level 4 HACCP quiz to test your knowledge.

Next steps

I totally appreciate these things aren’t easy, that’s why we’d love to help you. We can inspiring you and your team with some engaging, interactive best practice training and qualifications.  We have two options for Level 4 HACCP.  Choose from either an in-house course for up to 12 delegates held at your site (we can split this on different weeks to help improve the numbers!) or an open courses held regionally, for individual delegates.

Have a look on our feedback comments from our existing clients from our Level 4 HACCP courses.

What about the rest of my team?

Are your HACCP team members confident in HACCP methodology and actively contributing to your plan or just names on a list? Our in-house Level 3 HACCP course can help reinvigorate your team or up-skill new members together with your existing team. We base the exercises and discussions around your HACCP plan and process, so your team gain a good understanding of your on-site HACCP system.  If you don’t need a full team trained, or have a new member of your team, we have open courses for Level 3 HACCP for individuals.


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