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Our Level 4 HACCP course produced an award-winning delegate!

We are delighted that one of our delegates, Cath Marsland from CSM Bradford, has been awarded the joint highest mark in 2018 in the HABC Level 4 HACCP for Management examination. Cath attended our open course in Leeds in April 2018. At the Highfield Conference on the 13th June 2019 ‘Improving Food Safety in a Changing World’, Cath was welcomed on stage and awarded a prize for her outstanding 96% mark in the Level 4 HACCP exam. Adele was also invited on stage and awarded a commemorative plaque.

Outstanding achievement with a challenging syllabus

“This is a significant achievement; the Level 4 Award in HACCP for Management syllabus and competency assessment are very challenging” says Adele. “The 5-day programme involves a detailed study of HACCP methodology and management, including designing, implementing, validating and verifying HACCP systems. Culminating in a 3-hour written examination, this course is demanding for even the most experienced HACCP practitioners.”

Level 4 HACCP is not just for Technical & HACCP Team Leaders

“Furthermore, to Cath’s credit, is that her role as Planning Manager at CSM Bradford is not that of a typical delegate. We mostly see Technical Mangers or HACCP Team Leaders attend this course. This is a clear illustration of the positive food safety culture at CSM Bradford, where all roles and departments are actively encouraged to learn about, and play their part in, food safety management.”

To see all the Top Student Award winners, see the Highfield Website

Do you want to find out more about our Level 4 HACCP courses?

We offer both an open course for individuals, and an in-house course for up to 12 delegates. Highfield have since launched a new exam, which is now a 2.5 hour written examination.

Has this given you ideas on how you can improve your food safety culture?

Training a broad team in various aspects of food safety and quality can really pay dividends when trying to improve your food safety culture. Clearly everyone has a role to play in managing food safety – we all know it shouldn’t be just the responsibility of the Technical Department! However, investing in the development of staff can help them feel valued and through their increased knowledge, encourage greater engagement. We have delivered a range of onsite workshops to help cross-functional teams share and explore potential solutions to food safety and quality issues. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience within the minds of many front line managers, operators and other non-technical functions, just waiting to be tapped into.

We have many courses that can help you improve your food safety culture, from the starting points for the Site Leadership Team, through to Supervisors, and also courses to support BRC Issue 8.

Ask us how we can support your team through these new requirements

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