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Another Level 4 HACCP Top Student Award 2021

We are thrilled that this year two of our delegates, Malcolm Laidlaw from ML3 Technical and Nathan Hemingway from The Dalesman Group, have been awarded the joint highest mark in the HABC Level 4 HACCP for Management examination (between April 2020 – March 2021). Both delegates attended one of our, increasingly popular, open Live Online courses. Huge congratulations to both Malcolm and Nathan for their impressive scores, it’s a challenging exam!

At the Highfield Virtual Conference on the 10th of June, ‘Maintaining Consumer Trust in Food Safety’, Nathan and Malcom were awarded their Top Student Award for 2021 with a prize and plaque to commemorate their achievement.  Adele Adams Associates also received a plaque and Adele’s acceptance speech was played during the award ceremony. Watch Adele’s acceptance speech.

“This award means a great deal to us as a business, especially given all the effort we’ve put into transferring our courses into online formats, in a very short timeframe”, says Adele.   “This has turned into a huge opportunity for us and we’re working hard to make them even better… although it is the delegates that put in the real hard work”, continues Adele.


Despite challenging times, outstanding exam results continue

We’ve had to move very quickly to adapt our courses from a face-to-face to a virtual classroom and it’s great to see that delegates have embraced this change with us. Highfield were the first exam board to offer a robust remote invigilation service which meant we could still provide regulated Level 4 HACCP examinations throughout the pandemic. Throughout these significant changes, to both delivery and invigilation, our success rates have remained very high with a 98% pass rate for Level 4 HACCP since the pandemic started, the delegates have excelled!

The many benefits of Live Online delivery have also created an increased demand for our L4 HACCP courses. We’ve added 2 additional open courses into our training calendar this year as well as our usual March & October options. Due to all our current courses being full, we’ve just launched a summer school date, August 10th, 11th, 17th, 18th and 24th. If you find yourself stuck at home during the summer instead of your usual holiday abroad, we’ll be here to get you through your L4 HACCP!

Like classroom training but with more convenient benefits!

5 days delivered over 3-5 weeks

This allows time for the information to be absorbed, and you don’t have to take a full week out of your diary. Splitting the course over several weeks also allows for more revision time and thorough feedback from the trainer on your practice answers.

Remote invigilation

Take the exam on your laptop, no more writing for 2.5hrs. Cut, paste, edit your exam paper… amazing!

Still very interactive

We still have all the exercises and breakout sections in the course to really solidify the learning and get you away from too much screen time. Through the use of breakout rooms you still get to know your fellow delegates and learn from each other too.

No travelling or hotel stays

Get back your evenings and no staying over to cost in when you book. Although we know it’s sometimes nice to stay away to immerse yourself in HACCP, you no longer have to stay over for a week in a hotel!

Flexible dates

Get in touch even if you can’t make all the dates, we can be much more flexible with Live Online courses and split the days over 2 courses if need be.

Level 4 HACCP Course options

We can deliver the Level 4 HACCP course in different formats depending on your company’s needs.

Open course options: Perfect for individuals
Live Online or Face to Face
See our next Level 4 HACCP course dates

In-house course options: Great for a group on-site
Live Online or Face to Face
Find out more about our Level 4 HACCP in-house course

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