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Why choose us for your next Level 4 courses?

Level 4 Courses

Our Level 4 courses are very popular with our open courses often selling out.

Want to know why our courses are getting such great results? Have a look at the following 8 reasons to choose us for your next Level 4 course:

1.  Award winning courses

We won a third Top Student Award from Highfield in June 2023 for the highest scoring course result in our Level 4 HACCP course.  See if you can beat the top scores of 96% currently held by our 2019 exam award winner Cath Marsland!

2.  Excellent exam results

With an overall first-time pass rate of 95%, our Level 4 Food Safety & HACCP courses gain excellent exam results.

3.   Fantastic feedback

“Tutor was great with excellent knowledge and real-life examples. Very interesting course. Exercises were helpful and engaging.”
Level 4 Food Safety Live Online Open – July 2022
“The training course was brilliant. I came away from the course with a more in-depth understanding of why and how we implement a good HACCP system. I have already recommended this course to a colleague.”
Level 4 HACCP Live Online Open – March 2023

4.   Like classroom training but more convenient

We still deliver the open course over 5 days but over 3-5 weeks, so you only do one or two days per week training.  This allows time for the information to be absorbed, and you don’t have to take a full week out of your diary. Splitting the course over several weeks also allows for necessary revision, chance to practice exam questions and receive feedback from the trainer on your answers.

5.   Online exams with remote invigilation

You take the exam on your laptop with Highfield’s Exam Portal. So, no more handwriting for 2.5hrs! You can cut, paste, edit your exam paper answers during the exam … amazing! The online exams do need some specific hardware & software, but we have other options if needed.

6.   Very interactive

We still have all the exercises and breakout sections in the course to really solidify the learning and get you away from too much screen time. Through the use of breakout rooms, you still get to know your fellow delegates and learn from each other too.

7.   No travelling or hotel stays

Get back your evenings and no staying over to cost in when you book. Although we know it’s sometimes nice to stay away to immerse yourself in HACCP, you no longer have to be away from home or work for a full week!

8.   Flexible dates

Get in touch even if you can’t make all the dates of one course. We can be much more flexible with Live Online courses and split the days over 2 courses, if need be, or choose a later exam date.

Want to know more about our Level 4 courses? Click the below links to go to find out more.


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