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5 Benefits of Live Online Training


We’ve been providing live online training for both our in-house and open courses since the start of lockdown and we wanted to share with you all the fantastic benefits we and our clients have discovered.

Our face-to-face courses stopped literally overnight, so we adapted quickly. It’s been a steep learning curve but also a fantastic opportunity to establish a new method of delivery and option for our clients.



1. Time and cost effective

Time efficient
Time is a precious commodity! Delegates save travel time to open course venues, or different company sites, which may also involve an overnight stay or a very early start! Delegates are only required for the actual duration of the course – no slogging back up the motorway after a long day!

Cost savings
The cost savings to you are many & varied, including; saving on delegate travel & hotel expenses, no additional trainer expenses, no buffet lunches to arrange, you can also easily bring multiple sites together to share the costs of a course.

2. Bringing your teams together

Fits with home-based working
Working from home is likely to continue as the new norm for many, live online training fits really well here. Delegates may also feel more relaxed, able to concentrate & retain more knowledge in their home setting.

Allows for different sites to train together easily
Not only can we train delegates working from home and on-site together, but we can also easily bring multiple sites together. This not only means you can split the costs of the training between sites but also saves on the hotel and travel costs usually associated with hosting training at one location.

Great way to keep staff engaged and learning
Removing logistical barriers helps to keep teams working together and developing. This also allows for greater networking and shared learning between remote colleagues.

Helps to maintain a positive culture
Still being able to invest in your teams during the restrictions illustrates an ongoing commitment to a positive company culture.

3. Retaining the best elements of face-to-face training

Great levels of interaction
Using break out rooms and online tools allows for just as much interaction as face-to-face delivery. Delegates can see the trainer on screen at the same time as the slides, and can speak to the trainer and ask questions just as they would do when face-to-face.  Live online is, as the name suggests, delivered by a live trainer, you are not left to fend for yourself with an e-learning package!

Create, share and download documents
This actually works better than face-to-face training, as each group member can screen share, download and retain a copy of a group exercise for future reference. No need to type it up afterwards or decipher handwriting!

4. Keeping your training schedule on track

Enables competency to be maintained and improved during lockdown
Removing the face-to-face element removes the COVID-19 risk and allows training and competency development to continue despite lockdown measures. This also avoids the need for a subsequent and substantial ‘training catch up project’ or potential audit non-conformances due to stopping training.

Achievements during uncertain times
Live online learning allows people to feel the satisfaction of gaining new skills & qualifications during uncertain times. In the unfortunate circumstance of needing to make redundancies, up-skilled colleagues will fair better in securing a new role.

Exams and e-certificates – go digital
Our awarding body, HABC, offers a fantastic remote invigilation service, so accredited qualifications can still be gained during the restrictions. The use of e-certificates, for both accredited and non accredited courses, makes for more efficient admin and easier retrieval just before an audit!

5. Reduced environmental impact

Much better for the environment
Saving on emissions from travel, energy usage and resources for hard copy materials all have a positive environmental impact.

Paperless working
Great for working from home or site, so piles of hard copies don’t take over your house or office!  Soft copy training notes are easier to store, access and retrieve.


Who knows exactly what the ‘new normal’ will look like! We are still delivering face-to-face training and we will continue to offer live online delivery as an alternative option as there are so many fantastic benefits! Watch this space to see how we will make our live online courses even better in the future.

Don’t forget, all our in-house courses can be delivered via live online training, so let us know how we can help you. If you’d prefer to hold face-to-face on-site training, we are ready and able to do this.

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