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Our Sustainability Journey – Part 1

The Way We Were

2020 was a ‘turning point’ year for many, including us. Not only did it significantly hasten our progression into a digital training world but also prompted us to consider the impact of our company’s carbon footprint.  Once we’d all adjusted to the enforced and rapid transition from 100% face-to-face delivery to predominantly live online, we saw the many opportunities this created for us to become a more carbon-friendly provider as we emerged from the pandemic.


The 3 elements which drove the biggest change in the way we work were:

1. Travel

Previously, every single one of our courses meant someone travelling somewhere, be it a trainer to your site, delegates travelling from sister sites or delegates coming together for an open course at a regional venue.  Live online delivery minimises, or often negates completely if working from home, the need for travel.  Delegates were still able to receive great learning whilst saving on the carbon, and also the financial cost of travel.

2. Printing

With every course came a printed workbook and handouts. We certainly weren’t wasteful, printing on demand meant few went spare, and any that did were repurposed on another course. Then in 2020, our printing virtually stopped. For live online courses, we issue soft copies of the course materials, to either be printed locally or used digitally during training. Training progressed successfully without the once deemed ‘business critical’ printer and large supply of paper.

3. Postage

With few workbooks being printed, postage was significantly reduced. Also, we and our exam providers opted for e-certificates instead of posting out hard copies.  Exams were held online, not on a paper document to be posted to exam boards. Delegates were still able to receive great training, regulated exams, and certificates with significantly reduced demand on postal services.


The future

As we move through 2022, these new ways of working are firmly established with the balance of Live Online and Face-to-Face becoming more consistent.  We have pledged to become a more carbon efficient organisation and are at the start of our journey into a more sustainable future.

We have identified 3 key steps in achieving this:

In our next blogs, see how we have measured our 2019 (pre-covid) carbon emissions and what steps we already made towards reducing our footprint through 2021 and continuing through 2022.

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