Food Safety / Food Hygiene Awareness Training

Our introductory course gives a basic awareness of the food safety hazards of handling foods.

It provides operatives with the fundamentals of good food hygiene practice, food safety controls and procedures. It allows operatives to understand the vital role they play in keeping your products safe to eat.

Aimed at: All Operatives
Duration: 2-3 hours
Aim: To provide basic awareness of food safety and hygiene
Maximum number of delegates: 12
Assessment method: Multiple-choice or quiz-based
Examining Body: AAA Ltd

Course content

  • Introduction to food hygiene
  • Food safety hazards
  • Food safety controls
  • The operatives role in ensuring food safety

Why choose us?

  • Our food safety awareness course is delivered in an interactive and fun way with lots of exercises
  • We tailor the course to the specifics of your on-site processes and controls, ensuring the content is relevant and meaningful


Finding other companies courses cover content that isn’t relevant to your sector?

We find especially with Bakery sectors, focussing on the more relevant controls in place on your site will maximise overall learning time and then understanding.

“A sector specific qualification, especially for lower risk processes such as bakery, would negate the need to cover areas on a standard syllabus which are less relevant to some sectors. Therefore enabling the relevance and impact of the learning to be maximised in order to protect food safety.” Adele Adams, Director

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