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Why is HACCP Refresher training important?

HACCP Refresher Level 3 and 4

Why refresh your HACCP training?

Refresher training is not just about getting a new certificate, although this is useful to show auditors. It is also about maintaining competency and confidence in how to effectively design, manage, and maintain your HACCP system.

Although HACCP has been around for several decades now, standards and best practices do change. Some teams are still getting to grips with the changes in the Codex 2020 HACCP guidelines and we have a new(ish) CCP decision tree to get our heads around too!

Even if you’re well up to date, just having some time out on a refresher course to think back to first principles can help you identify where further builds in your HACCP system could add extra value.

What are the benefits of HACCP refresher training for the business, the individual, and the HACCP team? 

Benefits for the business…

Ultimately, it’s the confidence that every product leaving your despatch bay is safe to eat and won’t cause harm to the consumer! You need an up-to-date and future-proofed HACCP system to achieve this. Don’t become complacent and assume just because you’ve trained your team once they will retain that knowledge forever! Committing resources to maintaining and developing knowledge via HACCP refresher training is also a great illustration of a positive food safety culture.

Benefits for the team…

Ensuring everyone on the team is up to date with the latest HACCP thinking can help make your meetings much more efficient. This robust and regularly refreshed knowledge base allows a deeper detail of discussion and debate – which is exactly what is needed for a great HACCP system! The ultimate demonstration of HACCP competency is in the validity of the HACCP plan and system created by the team. When customers & auditors can see obvious best practice in use their confidence levels soar.

Benefits for the individual…

Being able to effectively contribute during HACCP team meetings relies on both competency and confidence in how the HACCP methodology should be best applied, HACCP refresher training will deliver exactly this. Our industry always needs more fantastic HACCP practitioners! Remember, it’s your HACCP system and you need to be able to give a robust rationale for the decisions you have made within it, having up-to-date HACCP knowledge is essential for this.

Need HACCP Refresher training?

We offer both in-house options for both our Level 3 and Level 4 Refresher courses as well as individual places for our Level 4 HACCP Refresher. 


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