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To help you get the most out of the course and to reduce delays at the start, please ensure you have followed the guidance below. We have some main topics for you to select from. If you have any questions we haven’t covered, please get in touch and we’d be happy to assist.

In House Food Safety Course

Information for Course Booker
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Information for Course Delegates
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Information for Onsite Exam Invigilator
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Information for Remote Invigilation
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How to use Achieve
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In House Food Safety Course

Information for the course booker

To ensure you get the most out of the course and to reduce delays at the start, please ensure you have followed the guidance below.

1. I’ve booked a Live Online course with you, what information do you need from me?

We will need to know more information up front, than we would do if we were training face-to-face. This is so we can set the course up properly and in enough time for delegates to print the course documents. This information will be needed as quickly as possible after booking.

Essentially, we will need to know who is going to attend the course and how they will be accessing the course:

a) Who will be accessing the training and how
Delegates can access the training in different ways:

  • A group in one room or across multiple rooms/sites
  • Individuals e.g. those working from home or accessing the training as individuals
  • A mixture of both.

b) How the room will be set up
This is particularly important if you have a group of delegates in a training room. We need to ensure that all delegates can:

  • See the screen with the trainer & slides
  • Be seen by the trainer – make sure you have no hidden corners and if your laptop plugs in at the side of the room, consider a separate web camera
  • Hear the trainer – ensure you have suitable speakers for the room so everyone can hear the trainer
  • Be heard by the trainer – if you have a laptop at the side of the room, the trainer will not be able to hear everyone. Consider the laptop at the front of the room or an external multi-directional microphone is typically a better option.

c) Email addresses for individual logins are required
If all delegates are attending as individuals we’ll need to know each individual email address. Also, if the training room has a login, we’ll need to know the room email address to get this set up prior to the course.

d) Delegate information
All delegate names, job role & email addresses as up to date as possible before the course, even if you only need a training room logged in for the actual course. We will add all delegates to the team to ensure they can access and print the course materials before the day.

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2. I’ve booked a course with an exam – what are our options for this?

There are two different ways we can do exams.

a) On-Site Invigilation
This is where you nominate an individual or individuals to make sure exam is carried out under the correct conditions. The nominated invigilator will need to fill in a form to say they have invigilated the exam. You’ll find more information in the On-Site Invigilation section below.

b) Remote Invigilation
We use a service from Highfield for the regulated exams which requires certain equipment and programmes to be able to do this. Specifically each delegate will need a laptop or desktop with a web camera, a smart phone with access to apps, and finally a room to themselves without disturbances. For more information, see the Remote Invigilation section below

3. What do I need to do before the course starts?

a) Confirmed Access to Achieve
Please make sure that everyone tries the link to Achieve before the course. This really helps to reduce delays at the start of the course and allows delegates to access and print off the course documents before the course.

b) Course workbooks and handouts printed
Each delegate will need to print their own copies unless you have nominated yourself to do this. Only using e-copies will be difficult for the delegate to see the slides and follow the handouts and exercises. We suggest they print out all the course documentation beforehand.

c) Any pre-course packs
If the course includes a pre-course pack, please ensure these are distributed before the course and delegates have these to hand during the course.

d) Information for exams
If the course includes an exam, make sure they have a pencil and eraser if they’re doing the HABC paper version, or pen if they’re doing the RSPH version, and they have their photographic ID to hand to show either the on-site invigilator or to show the remote invigilator.

4. I’ve seen we need to print the documents, what needs printing?

There is a workbook for each course which includes the main handouts, depending on the course, there may also be some additional handouts and a competency check to print out too.

The course documents can be accessed by using the Achieve link and selecting course on the right hand side of the main screen – scroll down to ‘Course Resources’ and follow the instructions.

Each delegate needs a copy of the workbook so they can make notes or fill it in as they go along.

You can either:

  • Ask delegates at site to print it out themselves
  • Nominate yourself to print out all the course documents and distribute
  • If you have delegates working from home, this will need to be considered if they can’t come in to print, or if they have to quickly change from an on-site delegate to a WFH delegate.

5. We have booked a course with a competency check, what are my options?

There are two options for the competency checks:

a) Online test
This options works best for delegates logged on as individuals. The test is within Achieve and each delegate has their own log in. Upon successful completion of the online test, delegates will receive their certificate. If you wish to have a copy of this, please let us know when the course finishes.

b) Paper-based test
For a group(s) of delegates, we recommend a paper based test. We would email the test to you, then ask you to print off a hard copy for each delegate so the test could be completed at the end of the course. If you could then collect, scan and email us the test papers, we will then mark them and send you the results, along with e-certificates where required.

Please remember that it is important to ensure all competency checks are carried out under the correct conditions. This may require on-site support if the trainer cannot clearly see and hear all delegates.

Information for the Course Delegate

To ensure you get the most out of the course and to reduce delays at the start, please ensure you have followed the guidance below.

1. I’ve been sent an Achieve link for the training, what do I do next?

a) Confirm you can access Achieve and BigBlueButton (BBB)
Testing BigBlueButton works before the course is really important to try to prevent any hold ups at the start of the course. To test BBB follow this link: https://test.bigbluebutton.org/ If you cannot use this test service, please contact your IT to allow you access or use a personal laptop or tablet.

b) Print off your course workbook(s)
Make sure you download and print off the course materials before the course. They can be found in the in the Course Resources of your course. The course organiser may arrange to print these for you, please check this and ensure you have a hard copy ready before the course starts.

c) Know what you need for exams
If you’re taking a paper exam on-site, you need to make sure you have a pencil and an eraser for HABC exams and a pen for RSPH exams, and photographic ID* to show the invigilator. Download the Course Delegate Exam Onsite Checklist for more information.

* Suitable Photographic ID examples are: Passport, photo-card drivers license, employee ID card.

If you’re doing your exam via remote invigilation, see the Remote Invigilation section below for more information. Also have a look at the Course Delegate Check List for RI.

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What is Live Online Training?

2. I haven’t had my joining instructions yet, what should I do?

If you’re booked onto an open course, please contact the office on info@adeleadamsassociates.co.uk. Will usually send out the emails for the course approximately 2 weeks prior to the course to give you plenty of time to print out the course documents.

If you’re booked onto an in-house course held at your site, then please contact the course booker first as we may have not received all the up-to-date delegate details. Please ask the course booker to contact us if get have any queries. We typically send out the emails for an in-house course a few days before the course to allow time for the course materials to be printed out.

3. I can’t login to Achieve, what should I do?

If you can’t access Achieve, please go to our how to use Achieve section below which will take you through how to get on the service.

4. I haven’t done any live online training before, what should I expect?

  • At the beginning of your course, we ensure everyone can access the training. Please log onto BBB through the course page, at least 20 minutes before the start time. If the call hasn’t opened yet, please refresh in after a few minutes.  If you haven’t got a link to join 10 minutes before the course, please contact the office.
  • Please ensure your microphone is on (not on headphones only) and you enable your web camera. You will need to allow both of these in your web browser.
  • The trainer will share the course slide deck on the screen and you will be able to see other delegates across the top of the screen – they can be moved to the side to enlarge the slides by clicking and holding down on this section, and dragging to the side. The trainer will be able to see you and check you are following and understanding the course content.
  • Make sure you have your printed workbook in front of you so you can follow the content, make notes and complete the required exercises.
  • If something isn’t working for you, or you are struggling to follow the course content, please let your trainer know as possible so they can help you.
  • We will take plenty of breaks and there will be lots of exercises for you so you’re not staring at the screen all day

For more information please have a look at our page: What is Live Online Training?

Information for the Exam Invigilator

To ensure your exam goes smoothly and to reduce delays at the start, please ensure you have followed the guidance below.

1. Who can invigilate?

The exam invigilator can be whoever you wish but they cannot be related to any of the candidates or have a vested interest in a candidate passing. They should be a responsible person with the necessary authority to implement the invigilation requirements.

The nominated invigilator will need to thoroughly read HABC Examination and Invigilation Procedures so they know what they need to do and expect during the exam. They also need to read the AAA HABC Onsite Invigilation Guidance to know what to do before and after the exam for HABC exams and AAA RSPH Onsite Invigilation Guidance for RSPH exams.

2. How do I set up the room?

  • The invigilator must ensure that candidates are seated 1.5m apart (this is to avoid plagiarism). If two candidates are not able to sit at least 1.5m apart, then each candidate should be given a different numbered exam paper where possible.
  • A clock, visible to all candidates, must be displayed
  • Ensure that the ‘Do not disturb, examination in progress’ sign is displayed on the door of the examination room. If you don’t have one, download a copy here.
  • Display the centre and tutor number details provided (candidates will need to record these on their answer sheet)
  • Provide each candidate with a pencil and an eraser for the HABC exam and pen for RSPH exams

3. What do I need to do before the exam?

a) Pass round the Exam Declaration and Learner List and ensure all candidates complete the table on page 2 with:

  • Their forename and surname
  • Learner’s signature
  • Date of birth
  • ** They do not need to complete the telephone number or ULN (unique learner number) **
  • Whether this exam is a retake
  • Gender

b) Ensure that all workbooks and any other course materials are removed from desks. Mobile phones, tablets and smart watches should be placed out of sight and on silent.
c) Ensure the candidates know the duration of the exam
d) Give out the exam papers and instruct candidates to carefully read the instructions on the front of the exam paper.
e) For HABC, the exam MUST be completed in PENCIL as shown on the front of the exam. An incorrect answer must be erased. For RSPH, the exam MUST be competed in pen.
f) Instruct candidates to remove the plastic wrapping from the exam paper. Candidates must not look at the question paper until instructed to do so at the start of the exam time.
g) Ask candidates to complete their individual Examination Answer Sheet with the following details:

  • Approved Centre Number
  • Nominated Tutor Number
  • Examination Date
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Whether it is a resit or not
  • **DO NOT complete the ULN**
  • First name and last name (middle initial if preferred) – make sure it’s legible as this will be the name on the certificate

h) Ensure that the candidate signs the bottom right hand corner of their Examination Answer Sheet

  • Remind candidates the exam must be conducted under formal exam conditions, without talking or communicating in anyway
  • Inform the candidates of the start & finish times
  • Start the exam
  • Supervise the candidates at all times and maintain absolute silence
  • The invigilator must not read questions/provide definitions or translate wording in any way

4. What do I do after the exam?

  • The invigilator must sign the Exam Declaration and Learner List form that will be supplied by AAA, as indicated on the form.
  • Please include start and finish times of the exam
  • Please include the number of learners taken the exam
  • All exam material, including used exam papers must be returned to AAA.

Please return all exam material to Helen Stockdale at:
Adele Adams Associates Ltd
The Stables, Cherry Lawn,
Bradford Road,
Burley in Wharfedale,
West Yorkshire,
LS29 7QW

Exams must be returned by special delivery (fully trackable) within 48 hours of completion. Please let Helen know when the exams have been posted so we know when to expect them by emailing Helen@adeleadamsassociates.co.uk with the tracking number.

5. I’m invigilating today – what are the key points to remember?

  • Print out a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign for the door (download one here)
  • Make sure the clock in the room is visible for all delegates
  • Do you have the correct number of exam papers?
  • Do you have a register per delegate?
  • Do you have the invigilator declaration documentation?
  • Do you have a pencil and eraser or pen per delegate?
  • Have you read the HABC Exam Invigilation Guide or RSPH Exam Invigilation Guide understand what needs to be done?

Quick Links

Information for Remote Invigilation

To ensure your exam goes smoothly and to reduce delays at the start, please ensure you have followed the guidance below.

1. I have a remote invigilation exam booked, what do I need to do?

  • Have you watched the Highfield videos for Remote Invigilation and understand what to do?
  • Have you received the 2 emails about your invigilation? One from Highfield Qualification which confirms the date and time of your exam, and the second from Proctor Exam which gives you guidance about the remote invigilation process.
  • Do you have a smartphone and a desktop/laptop with web cam for the exam? (You cannot do the exam with a tablet)
  • Have you got Chrome web browser installed on your laptop or desktop, and a smart phone with the Highfield App installed?
  • Have you got a room to yourself without distractions?
  • Do you have photographic ID to hand? For example: Passport, photo-card drivers licence, employee ID card, travel card. If you don’t have photographic ID to hand, you will not be able to complete the exam.
  • At the end of the exam, make sure all the programs and apps have been shut down correctly.

Quick Links
Proctor Exam Demo – System checks
Proctor Exam Demo – Exam setup & ending an exam
The HABC Qualify at Home Learner Policy
The HABC Exam Conditions Checklist

2. I’ve booked myself or delegates to have Remote Invigilation, what do I need to provide?

In order to book delegates a Remote Invigilation Exam, we need the following:

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Email Address – to send the booking confirmation to
  • Phone number
  • Preferred exam date
  • Preferred exam time
  • Any reasons for reasonable adjustments e.g. English as a second language or dyslexia

We need 5 working days as a minimum to be able to set up a remote invigilation exam.

3. I haven’t received my email from Remote Invigilation Bookings

If you haven’t received your email, please check your junk mail first.

If it hasn’t arrived, please contact the office on info@adeleadamsassociates.co.uk and we’ll chase up the email.

4. I need to change my exam, what do I do?

We can change the time or date of a remote invigilation booking, but please give us as much notice as possible.

Please contact the office on info@adeleadamsassociates.co.uk with the date and time of your invigilation and the reason for postponing. If possible, please give a new date and time which is preferred to enable us to rebook your exam at the same time.

5. I’ve booked a remote invigilation with a different email and cannot access it, what do I do?

Please contact the office as soon as possible on info@adeleadamsassociates.co.uk. We can ask the Remote Invigilation Bookings to resend your exam link to a different email address. Cancellation fees maybe incurred for short notice changes. Please give a new preferred date and time to enable us to promptly rebook your exam.

6. I’m having problems with the exam, what should I do?

What to do if my phone gets disconnected?
If your phone is disconnected, you will be notified and asked to re-scan the QR-Code. If your phone refuses to work, please close and re-open the ProctorExam app or restart your smartphone.

Can I contact someone during the exam?
You are only allowed to get in touch with the tech team via the tech support chat window or, your proctor during a live proctored exam.

For any other queries have a look at Highfield’s Remote Invigilation FAQ’s and contact Highfield directly.

How to use Achieve for our courses

To ensure you get the most out of the course and to reduce delays at the start, if you are not familiar with Achieve, please read the guidance below.

1. I’ve been sent an email with the Achieve details, what do I do now?

You will receive your access information to get the Achieve via email approximately 2 weeks before the course.  You will get a temporary password and upon logging in the first time,  you’ll be asked to change it. Please remember this password.

The trainer will start the call approximately 30 minutes before the course start time. You will go to the ‘The Course – BBB’ section and click ‘**Your Course** Course BBB Call’ and click ‘Join Session’

We will be using breakout rooms for any team exercises, sometimes you get knocked off the call. Just come back to the call like you did do before.

If you’re having issues using the course link, please see below ‘Troubleshooting’.

4. Troubleshooting: I’ve clicked the link and I can’t log in

a) Have you got the right password?

We give you a temporary password when you first log in – please make sure you type all the characters and take note of the capital letters. If you have already changed your password then please make sure you don’t use your temporary password. If you can’t remember your password, select, ‘Forgotten password’.

b) Does it say ‘invalid login’?

Sometimes the system needs a refresh – press F5 or refresh on your browser and try again.  Make sure you are using all lower case for your email and you have the correct email address for logging in.