New methodology helps protect consumers against food threats

Food industry specialists Adele Adams (Director of Adele Adams Associates) and Kassy Marsh (Directror of Techni-K Consulting), authors of Assessing Threat Vulnerability for Food Defence, have further developed their thinking to help the food industry provide an increased level of consumer protection. The horsemeat scandal shocked us all. Knowing that these practices were taking place in modern day food supply chains decimated consumer trust in the food industry. Subsequently the pressure from retailers, certification standards and enforces for robust food defence systems continues to build. This pioneering methodology for assessing food defence threats has been acknowledged with a foreward from Professor Chris Elliott, author of the government review into the scandal, his comments include:

Adele Adams

Adele Adams: Director of Adele Adams Associates


Kassy Marsh: Director of Techni-K Consulting

“The system devised by Adele Adams and Kassy Marsh, to provide a strong shield against the infiltration of food businesses by those wishing to cause damage, is a strong and robust one. It’s implementation will, without doubt, leave your business better protected against those wishing to undertake criminal activity.”   This unique approach has also been endorsed by leading food retailer M&S and widely communicated to their supply base via an extensive programme of workshops and courses delivered by Adele and Kassy.   With each having over 20 years experience in the food industry, Adele and Kassy’s expertise in food safety management systems provided a robust foundation for the creation of their new methodology.



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