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5 Benefits of Face-to-Face Training

Interactive training Level 4 HACCP

Historically, Adele Adams Associates have always focused on face-to-face training, then the pandemic hit in 2020! Live Online delivery has opened up a whole new world for training delegates which is very exciting.  But it’s also made us think about what makes face-to-face great too.  Have a look at our blog below for why we love face-to-face training.

1. Good for all learning styles

Everyone learns in different ways, and some delegates definitely prefer face-to-face training. This may be due to a negative online learning experience (hopefully not with us!), lack of confidence with IT or the need for the face-to-face feedback and energy derived from the trainer and other’s in the group.  Therefore, choosing face-to-face delivery may be a more inclusive option, depending on your delegates. It’s also often easier to build a good rapport with the trainer and there’s more time for discussing things informally during breaks.

2. Keeping it interactive

All our courses, including online, focus on being as interactive as possible.  Face-to-face delivery can easily enable this with the delegates all in the same room at the same time, such as team exercises round a whiteboard (COVID restrictions permitting!)  We are also starting to look at how our new digital learner management system, Achieve, can be used in the classroom to bring a variety of interactive delivery methods, watch this space!

3. Less preparation and more flexibility for delegates and the course booker

When we come to your site to deliver a course, generally it takes less preparation and is more flexible than an online course. For example, changes to the delegate numbers and register can be made at short notice and easily accommodated. Essentially, all you need to do is to ‘meet & greet’ the trainer and send your delegates to the correct training room, we will run the course from there on. We will manage the onsite exam invigilation, supervise factory practical exercises factory and much more.

4. Fewer distractions

When training face-to-face, delegates can turn off their phones and laptops and keep the day job at bay until breaks and lunchtime. This means they can immerse themselves in the course and focus much more on the content and gaining competency.  With higher level 5-day courses such as Level 4 HACCP, this really does help to really get to grips with the topic and put the day job on hold.

5. Fewer IT issues

When training Live Online we are all at the mercy of the IT gremlins! This can sometimes delay the start of a course due to problems joining the call.  With a face-to-face course, if everyone is in the training room, the course can start promptly. We just need to ensure there is a screen for us to plug a laptop into and a room big enough for all the delegates to be in!


So, you can see why our face-to-face is a great choice.  If you’re debating which is the best option for your course, then have a read of our ‘5 Benefits of Live Online Training’ blog as well to help you decide. All our courses can be taught as a face-to-face course or live online – the choice is yours!  Just let us know which delivery method works for you when you book.

We’d be really interested to hear your thoughts on your preferred delivery method, and whether you’re planning to retain some live online training too.


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